Heart Health IV

If you're ever rushed to the hospital with a heart attack, intravenous magnesium could save your life. In a 1995 study, researchers found that the in-hospital death rate of those receiving IV magnesium was one-fourth that of those who received standard treatment alone. In 2003, a follow-up study of these same patients revealed an enduring effect of magnesium treatment. Nearly twice as many patients in the standard treatment group had died compared to those who received magnesium, and there were considerably more cases of heart failure and impaired heart function in the placebo group.

Originally designed solely for replacing essential minerals in between chelation, it is now recommended for cardiovascular support, containing heart-healthy nutrients, including carnitine and arginine. IV nutritional therapy may be helpful for atherosclerosis, heart disease, and hypertension. IV nutrients include magnesium, trace minerals, and pyridoxine.